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Elliott is a graduate of Florida International University. He has a degree in Hospitality Management. While in college he worked at Apple in Ft. Lauderdale. Elliott has an extensive background in business ownership coming from a family of Entrepreneurs. He is a highly skilled Broker that is continually looking at new technology to incorporate into real estate. He works with newly licensed and seasoned realtors to help them achieve their personal best year after year. 


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Legacy Realty Group of North Florida is a full service real estate firm. What that means is that we work with both Buyers, Sellers, Investors & Rentals. 

We offer property management and tenant placement services. For individuals and companies that have a single home/condo or several properties available to rent we can find you qualified tenants and if you choose we will manage the monthly services needed for a successful rental.

Should your community need a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM) we can provide this service to you also. 


A career in Real Estate is both exciting and rewarding. Are you looking for a company that is dedicated to your continued growth with support and a family like atmosphere? Our agents enjoy the highest level of continuing education, an attentive & responsive Broker. We offer the highest commission structure. We have a fun and inviting culture with events throughout the year for you and your family & friends to participate. 

If this sounds like what you want in a Brokerage then we might just be the perfect fit. Behind every successful Real Estate Company are ...

                                                              HAPPY AGENTS! Realtors at Legacy Realty Group North Florida

100 % Commission    Quality Leads     Pay at Closing     E&O      

Ongoing Advanced Training     Marketing Material     Mentors     Lunch & Learn        


To schedule your confidential interview contact                                    

Elliott Greenberg (Broker) at: 904 - 401-3196

Legacy Realty Group GIVES BACK....


Legacy Realty Group has partnered with BairFind a non profit organization that is dedicated to finding missing children and  getting them home! Every year thousands of children go missing and remain unfound. Their profiles fade from the news and leads disappear. When the public stops looking recovering a missing child finding that child decreases.

In 2010 BairFind was founded. BairFind is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with the mission of bringing and keeping more kids home through community awareness programs. 

Profiles of missing children are posted in baseball stadium concourses through the nation. As a result of these efforts kids are being safely located and returned to their home.